Drug Legalization in the United States Persuasive Essay by Chelsea

Drug Legalization in the United States
A persuasive argument for the legalization of drugs in the United States.
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The paper reveals that although the United States resolves to win the war on drugs, more than fourteen million Americans still use drugs regularly. The paper argues that people will always find ways to get what they want and so a war on drugs is never going to be successful. Additionally, the paper contends that drug prohibition creates high levels of crime, uses up huge amounts of taxpayer money and decreases funds from the military. The author does point out, however, that he is not calling for the legalization of all drugs, only the ones with medical uses.

From the Paper:

"No matter where you go, everyone has his or her opinion, and that is true on the topic of drug legalization. Whether you oppose it or not, you have your own reasons for doing so. Some say the war on drugs is unwinnable and maybe they're right or maybe they're wrong; it makes no difference. Drugs have been used for centuries even in the times of the great Roman Empire. The use of drugs even predates that.
"In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a god who was given the task of rolling a huge rock up a mountain as punishment. Each and every time he was on the verge of reaching the summit, the rock would roll back down the side of the mountain. Still, he persisted, hoping he would complete the task eventually. Just like Sisyphus, the U.S. government has been toiling at a task. For less than a century, we have attempted to roll the rock of drug prohibition up the hill of drug addiction and abuse. Like Sisyphus, we have not yet succeeded, and like him, we continue to try again and again. Each year, the United States resolves to win the war on drugs. We spend billions more on law enforcement. We wipe out more illegal crops, destroy more labs, and yet, more than fourteen million Americans use drugs regularly."

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