Does God Exist? Persuasive Essay by Writing Specialists

Does God Exist?
A philosophical discussion about God's existence, based on the philosophies of Plato, Descartes and Nietzsche.
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The paper examines how the argument for the existence of God has been around since the beginning of man. The paper explores how different generations, cultures, and nations have conceptualized a being greater than anything else. The paper further examines the various arguments brought forth to prove or disprove the existence of this being. The paper analyzes various arguments that use logic, mathematics, and the universe in order to prove God's existence. The paper discusses the popular arguments and how effective they are in proving God's existence.

1.Plato/St. Thomas Aquinas - the Cosmological Argument
2.Rene Descartes/St. Anselm - Ontological Argument
3.Friedrich Nietzsche - Atheism/Existentialism/Nihilism
Personal Views
Historical Views

From the Paper:

"These options show that going to heaven is better than oblivion, and that oblivion is better than eternal torment. Therefore, the best option is to believe in God. This argument is supposed to be a last resort for converting non-believers by scaring them with the possibility of going to hell. However, the argument is flawed because it made certain assumptions that are still controversial such as the idea that God rewards believers (what if God is indifferent?) and that God is a Christian God (if there are other gods, then there might be other possibilities of going to heaven other than the options above)."

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