Disposable Diapers Persuasive Essay by Peter Pen

Disposable Diapers
An analysis of the hidden hazards involved in using disposable diapers.
# 103254 | 1,772 words | 10 sources | MLA | 2008

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This paper discusses how disposable diapers have both advantages when it comes to convenience and availability and disadvantages in the areas of safety and pollution of the environment. The paper also looks at how cost, environmental issues, and health concerns are among the primary reasons for rethinking disposable diapers and how these problems cannot be ignored any longer. Additionally, the paper examines how ever increasing pollution and far reaching side effects from plastic throw away diapers are causing irreversible damage to our environment. The paper concludes that parents and caregivers must take a stand against using plastic disposable diapers.

From the Paper:

"Skin irritations are another problem that comes with using disposable diapers. Diaper rashes are serious issues that can occur with your baby during the time they spend wearing diapers. Some things that are the main factors in causing diaper rashes are prolonged wetness, lack of air circulation, soap, chemical and dye allergies. What happens is the ammonia is formed by bacteria that interacts with urine left sitting against the skin, and then promotes the growth of microbes in the diaper area. A diaper that is not properly cleaned and sanitized after becoming soiled is also another factor (Cloth vs. Disposable Diaper, Diapers, Diapers, & More Diapers par. 4). According to the Journal of Pediatrics a total of fifty-four percent one- month old babies that used disposable diapers had moderate rashes, while an additional sixteen percent had severe rashes."

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