Democracy and Voting Persuasive Essay by Damnsammit

A discussion of low voter turnout in the US and the importance of voting in a democracy.
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This paper examines the value of voting as part of living in a democratic country. The paper discusses the tradition of voting and the necessity to demonstrate your right to vote, as it is a direct freedom that democracy allows us. The paper discusses the low voter turnout in the United States and suggests that US citizens need to place more emphasis on the importance of voting.

From the Paper:

"As you can see, voting is a very important part of being a democracy. It is a very simple task to do and affect not only your life, but also the lives of everyone in this country. If we had elected the best officials to govern us, then the recent deterioration of our trust in the government should have never happened. Voting takes only a few minutes, and can even be done if you are not in town on the date of the election. We must continue to ask questions and to voice our opinion in the best way we can, and that way is to vote."

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