Deforestation and The Environment Persuasive Essay

Deforestation and The Environment
An evaluation of deforestation and its harmful effect on the environment.
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Deforestation is described as the clearing of many trees from one area. This paper describes why it occurs and its detrimental effect on the environment. In particular, it discusses its various ways of harming nature from loss of animal habitats to depletion of the ozone layer. It concludes with several options to combat deforestation today such as alternatives to wood waste and recycling.

From the Paper:

"Deforestation can lead to depletion of the ozone and further global warming. When trees grow, they use carbon dioxide as a source of nutrition. This provides a symbiotic relationship between humans and tress because humans exhale carbon dioxide and inhale oxygen. Live trees use the carbon dioxide that humans exhale, and excrete oxygen as their waste product. When we cut trees down, as they decompose, they release carbon dioxide into the air. One effect of too much carbon dioxide is referred to as the greenhouse effect. Many times, when areas are deforested, the tree stumps are burned to clear the land. Fire releases a huge amount of carbon dioxide, and this gas is known as a "greenhouse gas." This means that the CO2, is a gas that holds in ultraviolet rays from the sun and keeps them here on earth, leading to global warming (Greenhouse)."

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