Death Penalty as a Deterrent Persuasive Essay by writingsensation

Death Penalty as a Deterrent
A discussion about whether the death penalty is a real deterrent for violent crimes.
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This paper discusses how the death penalty continues to be a highly controversial issue with most Americans and its deterrent effect has still not been absolutely determined. This paper concludes that it is clear that the death penalty does serve society quite well under certain circumstances, but in reality, society must begin to understand the reasons why people commit violent crimes and determine how to change a person's violent tendencies which in the end will make the death penalty unnecessary.

From the Paper:

"One of the most controversial issues in today's America has to do with the question as to whether or not the death penalty is a deterrent to crime. Many of those that support the death penalty argue that execution, whether by lethal injection, the electric chair or hanging, is the most suitable penalty for persons who have committed atrocious crimes like first-degree murder, rape or the murder of a child. The main contention for these supporters is that the convicted person deserves punishment that is comparable to the crime; in addition, supporters of the death penalty argue that such an action demonstrates society's adherence to moral principles. According to Robert Bidinotto, such crimes as premeditated murder "is a crime in a class by itself," for it "negates the highest moral end of a civil society," being human life (156)."

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