Darwin's "Origin of Species" Persuasive Essay by Master Researcher

Darwin's "Origin of Species"
An overview of Charles Darwin's theories through an analysis of his "Origin of Species"
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Published on Oct 01, 2003 in Anthropology (General) , Biology (General)

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This paper is based on Darwin's "Origin of Species". The paper argues that Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection had a significant impact on nineteenth century thought and enabled the progress of science and naturalist biology. The paper also demonstrates how he managed to challenge the orthodox religious thought regarding the creation and evolution of human beings. Furthermore, the paper asserts that Darwin's theory of evolution was able to combat the prejudices of the society at that time.

From the Paper:

"Charles Robert Darwin was a British naturalist who originated the concept that things evolve by means of natural selection. Following attempts to study medicine and theology, Darwin's interest in natural history led him to sail with the HMS Beagle on an expedition to South America and Pacific. As the ship's naturalist, Darwin made exhaustive observations of the geology and natural history of the region, recording these in a journal, which he later published. Following the voyage Darwin set about the task of analyzing his observations and forming them into a coherent view of nature (Britannica, 2001).
"In 1858 he presented his findings to the Linnaean Society and in 1859 published his Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. Darwin drew his conclusions based on the following observations: (1) in any population the organisms show individual variations (2) the size of the population remains constant although more offspring are produced than are necessary to maintain it. He concluded that the forces acting on the population - competition, disease, climate etc. - resulted in the survival of those best fitted to the environment, a process he called natural selection."

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