Criminal Justice from an International Perspective Persuasive Essay by Nicky

An argument for the inclusion of an internationalist perspective in the American criminal justice system.
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This paper considers the shortcomings of America's law enforcement and criminal justice systems, taking on the position of Reichel that many of these flaws can be remedied by a more sensible incorporation of criminal justice philosophies in place outside of the United States. The paper discusses how American bureaucracy will often prevent agencies from collaborating and also highlights the limitations in America's policy towards juvenile justice. The paper emphasizes the merits of the Japanese and British criminal justice systems and asserts that opportunities are greater than ever to share information and to share methodologies.

From the Paper:

"America's criminal justice system suffers from many of the cultural and political shortcomings evident in the U.S. government as a whole. The orientation of the U.S. government is essentially a composite of agencies whose capacity to function both independently and in concert with one another serves as a key determinant of the effectiveness of the policy implementation of public officials, the dexterity of the government in engaging criminal pattern and the ability of the people to access the policy realities of their elected representatives. Any negative connotation appended to such bureaucracy as manner of conduct, policy or procedure may find its roots in the elected leadership by which it is oriented or the sway of public opinion.
"Still, this is a form which ultimately enables the high level of coordination that will emerge between government agencies operating there within. This is the positive understanding of America's law enforcement and criminal justice contexts that Reichel does bring to his conversation from the outset, observing that there is a democratic implication to the laws of due process and jury trial that differentiate the U.S. in a progressive regard."

Sample of Sources Used:

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