Contemporary Issues in White Collar Crime Persuasive Essay by davis

Contemporary Issues in White Collar Crime
In this paper, the writer explores four public crime issues and argues that the citizenry of the U.S. are partially responsible for holding those in power accountable.
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This paper asserts that it is the voter's responsibility to ensure that safe practices, whether related to environmental protections, occupational safety, or enforcement or sentencing related to white-collar crime become a priority for those elected. The paper makes its point by using several examples to illustrate how the public, for too long, has surrendered all public interest and decision-making powers to its president-elect. Specifically, the paper provides a cross-section of four public issues and describes the role legislation has taken in dealing with these issues. This paper argues that the citizenry of the United States, as voters, are partially responsible for holding those in power accountable. Legislators demonstrate repeatedly and consistently that their interests are vastly different from those of the general population, regardless of what they promise on election podiums.

Impact and Interventions in the National and International Waste Oil Industry
The Demise of OSHA
Telemarketing Fraud: Impact and Penalties
Imprisonment of White-Collar Criminals

From the Paper:

"In 1947, the generation of the planet's toxic pollutants in landfills and other storage facilities totaled five million metric tons; however, in 1988, more than 300 million tons of waste were generated, 265 million of those tons were in the US alone (Lee, 1992). To facilitate legitimate disposal practices, there are currently 75,000 industrial, and 15,000 municipal landfills in the Unites States (McFarland-Benedict, Salzman, & Miller, 1986). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reported overwhelmingly however, that these facilities are deteriorated, defective, poorly controlled, and leaching toxins into the environment (Rebovich, 1996)."

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