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Community Notification Laws
This paper looks at the use of community notification laws.
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In this article, the writer notes that keeping children safe from sexual predators today includes the use of community notification laws to inform the public when sex offenders move into a neighborhood or region. The writer points out that these laws may include direct notification of people in a neighborhood or more general notification by posting names and addresses on a website accessible by all. The writer argues that such laws can help reduce the incidence of sexual abuse of children by putting parents on notice so they can take greater care, though such an approach is not a panacea and will not completely eliminate the threat, only reduce it. The writer concludes that community notification creates an opportunity for parents to become more informed and to exercise greater caution regarding the safety of their children.

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From the Paper:

"This sort of response has been extended to other violent felons as well, with more and more communities fighting the placement of parolees in their area and seeking laws involving everything from notification to the right to refuse entry to a released offender to enhanced incarceration beyond the original sentence. Local groups across the country are trying to block former convicts from settling in their communities and are pressing their state assemblies for tougher detention laws and parole conditions. As a result, more and more states are enacting laws that put the interests of the community before the rights of ex prisoners. The most vociferous demands are for notification laws to alert citizens when a sex offender is about to be released into their community. At this time, many states require that local police be notified when a release is imminent, and now the New Jersey law calls for authorities to notify community members as well. In the U.S. Congress, members approved a provision which requires certain offenders to check in with police every 90 days for the rest of their lives. The New Jersey proposal only requires police to notify neighbors, schools, churches, youth groups and the media within 45 days of an ex offender's moving into a neighborhood."

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