Civil Unions and Benefits for Same-Sex Couples Persuasive Essay by Nicky

Civil Unions and Benefits for Same-Sex Couples
The essay discusses the merits of civil unions for same-sex couples in regards to "natural law."
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This essay addresses the question of whether civil unions should be allowed for same-sex couples. The essay answers the question through the reasoning of "natural law," a theory based on reality rather than the laws of man and discusses Aristotle's view of natural law. The paper explores the current status of same sex unions in America and includes a map that shows "Same Sex Marriage Laws by State." The essay finds that since civil unions abide with natural law, civil unions should be allowed for same-sex couples. Further, it argues the benefits individuals receive from civil unions outweighs the arguments against same-sex unions.

From the Paper:

"Allowing gays to be bound to one another or not allowing them to be bound to one another is a social issue that is definitely one of the most relevant of any social issue with people today. Despite those who seem strongly opposed to civil unions 52 percent of voters who were polled by CBS indicated that they would actually consider voting for a presidential candidate who they liked even if he did not share their specific views on civil unions (Poll, 2004). This has become increasingly important during this critical election year. Those who are opposed to civil unions are less willing to vote in this way than those who believe in civil unions, which seems that it would be expected (Poll, 2004).

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