Christianity's Role in Shaping Black America Persuasive Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

Christianity's Role in Shaping Black America
A persuasive essay asserting Christianity's positive effect on the African-American community.
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This paper explores the Christian church's role in African-American history and present-day society. The author opines that although Christianity, thought of as a sure way to keep slaves submissive, was forced upon blacks by their white oppressors, it has now become the backbone of their very being and the essence of both their physical and spiritual existence. The paper asserts that the Christian church should be the primary conduit to educating the black community, and that religious faith provides the hope, understanding and guidance that people need to prosper.

From the Paper:

"Since history places such an important role in the development of a person's philosophy, let's look at the role of churches throughout history, maybe then all can see the importance of the participation of churches in education, as there participation can easily lower the growing crime rate. When slaves first arrived in America, they had their own brands of religion, but as their oppressors forced them to assimilate their European customs, slaves found a hope in Christianity and the teachings of The Bible. Slaves no longer had to be forced to accept Christ; they did it openly and willingly. Christianity soon promised to be their physical and mental passage to escape from slavery. Embedding secret codes and jargon in spiritual hymns, many slaves managed to escape from slavery successfully. After slavery was over, the Christian masses banded together to fight against injustices and inequality. While white supremacist resorted to physical violence, blacks, under the leadership of people like Dr. King, preached brotherhood and equality, keeping physical confrontations to a minimum. So Christianity has had not only an important role, but also a favorable role in society; therefore, if the history of the church in society is taught to the masses then they will develop a positive philosophy for life."

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