Cell Phone Use Persuasive Essay by Inny

Argues that cell phone use while driving should be banned globally.
# 117239 | 885 words | 5 sources | APA | 2009

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This paper explains that driving while using a cell phone can be dangerous as witnessed by the number of accidents and deaths. Some governments, the author points out, already have recognized the risk of driving while calling and have enacted often limited legislature to counteract the increasing number of people involved in this type of driving accidents. However, the author believes that this legislation must be tightened and urges the public to be proactive so that more people are not victims to these senseless accidents.

From the Paper:

"Cell phones have made our lives more convenient but also more dangerous. Cell phones have 250 million users in the United States, a number that is increasing yearly at a rate of 40%. Studies have also discovered that cell phone use while driving increases the chance of a car accident. Even the task of dialing numbers can cause a person to potentially lose control of the vehicle. Incidentally, most people who were in car accidents while driving were on the phone."

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