Celebrity Culture Persuasive Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

Celebrity Culture
A paper exploring what celebrity culture means today, how it has evolved and where our society is headed.
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Published on Jan 24, 2010 in Communication (Mass Media) , Sociology (Media and Society)

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The paper discusses how the media is the creator and perpetuator of celebrity culture and argues that when our fascination with the culture dies out we will see that it is lacking meaning. The paper looks at how
a certain amount of preoccupation with the rich and famous has been around for centuries and how Princess Diana was a key in the formation of the persistent and intrusive celebrity culture. The paper also points to Marilyn Monroe and how her death was a triggering event in the formation of a celebrity. The paper then contends that people who subscribe to celebrity culture don't follow celebrities because they care about them, but because they hope to be the first to know of the next big scandal. The paper further contends that the undeserved attention given to people who don't deserve the sort of merit they are receiving is the reason why our celebrity culture is turning into a cheap culture.

From the Paper:

"Celebrity culture has changed drastically since the days of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, or even Marlon Brando. At one time celebrities were the "untouchables"; not only could you not get close to them, but they seemed like something from another world as well. Celebrity culture is a relatively new thing in that the media has turned celebrity culture into a bit of a joke; before the media and the paparazzi became such insatiable hounds, celebrity culture - of course - existed, but it wasn't viewed as trivial and meaningless and as detriment to our society as a whole. Our increasing fascination with celebrity culture and status is an effect of globalization; as our worlds are becoming closer and smaller, we feel the desire to be closer. Globalization plays a significant role in celebrity culture; media fuels celebrity culture and if it weren't for the very people who purchased these forms of media, celebrity culture would cease to exist and it is these very forms of media that over the decades have turned celebrities like the eloquent and classy Princess Diana turn into the scandalous and taboo like Britney Spears."

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