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Caribbean Mothers and Stereotyping in Canada
This paper discusses the issue of Caribbean women as single parents, focusing on political correctness and stereotyping in Canada.
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This paper discusses the conservatism of stereotyping Canadian- Caribbean women who are single parents. The writer notes that this can be done frequently by 'concerned' politically correct scholars and activists to assert they are attacking unwanted attitudes regarding 'women of colour' or 'Jamaican single mothers'. The writer expresses some of what is noticeable in educated circles in central Canada referring to single mothers of Caribbean backgrounds, in quite negative, distorting stereotypes that often miss practical or philosophical realities, notably those of religion and orientations other than the material. This paper's topic reinforces a simple reality that one is influenced by mass media materials if one is not alert to their influence as a danger.

Racism and 'Oppression'
School Failure and Gangs
The Impact of Slavery Reexamined
Class Struggle and Consumerism
'Fieldwork' - Speaking with People

From the Paper:

"The rest of the article refers to women of Caribbean origin having children when young, leaving school, living thereafter on social assistance or menial jobs. A stereotype of single mothers of Caribbean heritage in hopeless situations is now usual in a construction irritating single mothers who are achievers and sometimes excellent parents, able to provide constructive homes for their children on modest incomes. A strong bias in Philp's article is one of poverty always meaning severe disadvantage in contrast with a practicality and sense of priority found in Caribbean cultures as developed in ex-colonies of very limited resources till quite recently. Single mothers can be strongly aware of what is needed in life, and as stressed elsewhere in this paper, how to maintain their family's dignity, poverty not shameful when approached soundly, aware of how much worse off others are, trying one's best, valuing kin and conducting oneself well with others.
"Many contemporary Caribbean single mothers have had good role models in women raising children by themselves in more than one country."

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