Carbon Cap and Trade Persuasive Essay by Nicky

Carbon Cap and Trade
A discussion on the Carbon Cap and Trade policy that aims to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
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The paper discusses the issues associated with the Carbon Cap and Trade policy that involve both the veracity of human-driven global warming and the limitations of alternative energy sources. The paper argues that the greater than ninety percent probability that humans are involved in global climate change, and the additional concern that irreversible detrimental consequences may result, is enough to warrant immediate action in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The paper also contends that the efficiency and cost of developing new solar technologies will improve, and economic impacts that result from emission restrictions will be minimal compared to the economic devastation that would occur as a result of worldwide climate change.

Issues Regarding Implementation of Cap and Trade Policy

From the Paper:

"The most prevalent issue pertaining to the introduction of a cap and trade policy, which would place limitations on carbon emissions and potentially slow economic growth, is the veracity of human-driven global warming. Opponents state that global warming is a natural phenomenon and that human beings have not played a role in climate change (Farrar). If the climate change currently occurring on the Earth is the result of natural processes and not an effect of human greenhouse gas emissions, then the expressed purpose of the cap and trade policy is extraneous and unnecessary. Advocates state that global warming is the result of human activities and that action must be taken immediately to reduce emissions and slow global climate change (Farrar). This is an issue which has been the source of considerable contention and debate amongst policy makers and lay people.
"Supporting the human-driven climate change argument, in 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which effectively represents the scientific consensus in climatology, released its fourth assessment on climate change entitled Climate Change 2007. The Climate Change 2007 report involved the contribution of thousands of experts throughout the world and represented the largest undertaking ever in the assessment of global climate change (Wilhelm)."

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