Altruism and Social Responsibility Persuasive Essay by jlatigue

Discuses the concept of altruism and social responsibility through the illustrations of the movie "Pay It Forward" and the author's experience in the grocery store.
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Published on Feb 09, 2012 in Psychology (Social) , Sociology (General)

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This paper explains how the movie "Pay It Forward" and the author's experience in the grocery store demonstrate that a little bit of kindness towards someone may not be so much in the grand scheme of things but can make a difference to that person and to society. Next, the author relates that the concept of social responsibility is different than altruism because it deals with society on a much larger scale than just doing a nice favor for someone. The paper concludes that the author thinks that if people genuinely are caring and if more people did nice things for one another by paying a favor forward, then the world could be a much better place.

Table of Contents:
The Movie
My Experience While Grocery Shopping
Altruism, Social Responsibility, and Codependency
Altruism and the Human Condition

From the Paper:

The older woman in front of me was trying to purchase her groceries with her electronic benefits transfer card (EBT) which in the state of North Carolina takes the place of paper food stamps and checks. I guess for people on welfare in North Carolina there is a certain day of the month that the money gets placed into the account because when the woman at the register tried to put her card through it was denied for insufficient funds. The two women got to talking about what date she should be expecting her payment and how she was going to pay for her groceries, and without even thinking about it I had given the cashier my card and told her to place our orders together. The woman objected because I think that she felt embarrassed, but I let her know that I felt that any person would do the same thing for another person if they could and not to worry about it and to just help someone else out if you can at some point. The woman thanked me and left the store with her groceries and the cashier told me how nice that was of me to help a stranger out like that since her card was denied.

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