Alternative Fuels Persuasive Essay by Slauter6

Alternative Fuels
This paper analyzes hydrogen and ethanol as potential replacements for gasoline.
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The paper considers the advantages and disadvantages of hydrogen and ethanol and determines that hydrogen is not a feasible alternative fuel until technology is developed to hold higher quantities. The paper explains why ethanol is the better alternative of the two and concludes that if we adopt ethanol as the fuel of the future, we are sure to have a cleaner and greener earth. The paper includes full color images.

Hydrogen Production
Hydrogen Storage
Hydrogen Transportation and Distribution
Production of Ethanol
Storage of Ethanol

From the Paper:

"Hydrogen is one of the many competitors looking to replace gasoline at the pumps. It has many advantages over an ethanol fuel, hydrogen requires less heat to ignite than ethanol, which means that more energy is used for powering the vehicle as opposed to igniting the fuel. (2006) In addition, its flame gives off much less radiant heat than a hydrocarbons flame, yet the flame is just as hot. (2006) Hydrogen's energy produced per unit of mass is larger than that of hydrocarbon fuels by a factor of 2.8. (Snyder, 2006). The higher specific energy means that the car can produce more heat energy for the same amount of fuel mass."

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