African-American Muslims and the U.S. Military Persuasive Essay by Jeepster

African-American Muslims and the U.S. Military
Argues that African-American Muslims are a threat within the U.S. military.
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This paper traces the history of African-American Islam, especially the the Nation of Islam (NOI). The author describes the ways that Black Muslims have develop a well-formed presence as a "fifth column" within U.S. institutions over the past four decades. The paper stresses that the merging of the preachings of NOI with mainstream Islamic thought should be another alert on the Global War on Terror (GWOT) front. The author concludes that a blatant danger could be posed from inside the military and government institutions and this must be understood and addressed.

Table of Contents:
The Short History of African-American Islam
Is the Enemy Within?
The Politically Correct Jihad

From the Paper:

"Several recruiting methods have served both the NOI and other Islamic groups over the years. It has been well-documented that prisons are fertile grounds for organized efforts to recruit converts to Islam, and the clerics backed by Saudi-funded, Muslim-American organizations have been the instrument for indoctrination. Even Senate hearings were conducted in 2003 to address recruitment and infiltration of Islamist in the US penal system and the military."

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