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Affirmative Action
A discussion of discrimination in college admissions policies.
# 24212 | 900 words | 6 sources | 2002 | US

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Discusses discrimination in college admissions policies. Purpose of affirmative action to level the playing fields for higher education for African Americans. Focuses on California as an example of continued discrimination against African Americans. University of California adoption of a policy that ignores ethnic & gender preferences. Admissions decisions. Issue of different standards.

From the Paper:

"Discrimination in College Admissions
The Thirteenth Amendment removed slavery, and in 1865,
Congress recognized this new responsibility by creating the Freedmen's Bureau. . .and founded the first schools that the Southern Negro ever had, besides helping to support four colleges for his higher education- Howard, Hampton, Atlanta, and Fisk (Morison, 1965, p. 711).
However, this was merely a drop in the bucket to provide higher education for African-Americans. And, the various Civil Rights acts (1964 and 1991) did not totally removed the prejudicial admissions policies that would permit eligible African-American students to attend the college of their choice. "Nobody any longer believes in some golden age when the melting pot melted, or the tossed...""

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