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Advertising and Women
This paper looks at body image, female sexuality and debt within the field of advertising.
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This paper examines advertising and how it impacts women in three ways: body image; sexuality; and consumer spending habits. Specifically, the writer argues that advertising has been - and continues to be - shaped by stereotypical depictions of the two genders, and that women remain faced with a popular media that glorifies unhealthy body images at the same time as it sexualizes women and impresses upon them the sense that they need to dress and act a certain way in order to be "true" women. Finally, the paper looks at how consumer advertising has placed women in a position where they are now expected to consume both like women - and like men.

Advertising and women: Body image
Advertising and Women: Sexuality
Advertising and women: Debt

From the Paper:

"Advertising in America and throughout the western world impacts women in many ways - most of them negative. In the pages that follow, the impact of advertising upon women in the realms of body image, sexuality, and consumer impulses will all be discussed, with the general argument being raised that advertisers seize upon female insecurities and self-perceived inadequacies in order to make money - even if the process ends up sparking eating disorders and psychological disorders among young and old females. In the end, women need to appreciate that advertisers are not interested in social welfare but in making money - often by appealing to shop-worn notions about gender roles."

Sample of Sources Used:

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