Active Video Games and Children's Health Persuasive Essay by scribbler

Active Video Games and Children's Health
A review of two studies on active video games and their impact on children's physical activity and physical health.
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The paper reviews a study published in the "International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity" that evaluates the effect of active video games on the physical activity levels of children. The paper notes problems in the methodology used by the study and analyzes the study's result that the children who participated in the playing of active video games ended the study with decreased waist circumferences. The paper then looks at a similar study performed through the auspices of the University of Oklahoma, that used the same sample size and had the same results. The paper concludes that in an era where electronic devices have seemingly taken over our lives, developing a method of using electronic devices while still taking care of our physical needs is essential.

Video Game and Physical Activity
Additional Studies

From the Paper:

"The proliferation of electronics in our society is a highly intriguing phenomenon. Growing up in an era where electronic devices were just beginning to enter the market it is amazing how ipods, cell phones, laptops, and video games in all their various forms have become an essential part of every child and teenagers' life (Behrman). Who would have thought of their impact as they descended on the market? Yet, today the concern is that these devices are beginning to dominate the lives of the younger generations and that such dominance may lead to severe emotional and physical problems for these individuals (MacArthur).
"Having been extensively exposed to the use of all the mentioned devices and witnessed firsthand how engaging these devices can be I share the concerns expressed by many experts in the field of childhood behavior. I have seen how the use of such items has changed the way that children interact with friends and family and how little time today's children spend outside the home. Take a look around as you pass your neighborhood's playgrounds, drive down your local streets, and visit your favorite park and notice how many children you actually see at play? I would suggest that you will see very few (Huttenmoster). My own observations in this regard spiked my interest in this subject."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Behrman, R.E. "Children and Computer Technology: Analysis and Recommendations." Children and Computer Technology (2000): 1-192. (Provides a study into the advantages and disadvantages of computers and other screen based technology on children. The study is extensive and offers insight into the various aspects of life that are affected by this technology.)
  • Graf, D., Pratt, L.V., Hester, C. N., Short, K. "Playing Active Video Games Increases Energy Expenditure in Children." Pediatrics 2 August 2009: 543-540. (Is a study of the effects of playing the newly marketed active video games on the energy rates of children. The study used a small sample size but rigid scientific measuring methods and statistical analysis. )
  • Huttenmoster, M. "Children and Their Living Surroundings." Children's Environments (1996): 403-413. (Examines why and if children are less interested in exercise than in previous generations. )
  • MacArthur, The John D. and Catherine T. Teens, Video Games, and Civics. Research. Washington, D.C.: Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2008. (In depth study that examines the social effect of playing video games. Financed by a private foundation the emphasis was not on the health consideration but on the socializing effects of video game participation.)
  • Mhurchu, Cliona, Maddison, Ralph, Jiang, Yannan, Jull, Andrew, Prapavessis, Harry, Rodgers, Andrew. "Couch Potatoes to Jumping Beans: A pilot study of the effect of active video games on physical activity of children." International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (2008). (Study relative to the effect of active video games on the children's physical activity levels. Study used objective standards like waste measurements, BMI, and weight to measure the effects of the video game participation.)

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