Beware of Foreign Sites!

WARNING: Be alert for bogus term paper sites!

DON'T be deceived into buying low-quality, substandard papers.

Unfortunately, fraudulent, bogus academic term paper sites abound on the Internet and unsuspecting customers are paying the price. While, at first glance these sites may appear to be legitimate, low-cost term paper sites, they usually turn out to be fraudulent, foreign sites selling substandard and poorly written papers.

Foreign websites based in Pakistan, India, the Philippines, Romania and the Ukraine, entice customers into buying their papers because of their low prices. Only after receiving the papers do the customers find out that the quality of the papers is so low they are unsuitable for academic purposes.

If you are looking to purchase a term paper online, we strongly encourage you to look for the following warning signals before you buy:

  • web site is of poor quality, cheap design and poor English content
  • custom research costs less than $15 per page
  • well-recognized American logos such as those used by Yahoo or Google are placed on the site in order to establish an outward appearance of respectability

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