Anti-Plagiarism Policy

As a leader in the industry of publishing academic content online, we place great value on education and on
making knowledge available so that education can be enhanced. We are also committed to a policy of academic
integrity and fairness and we pride ourselves on our ongoing efforts to uphold this policy. Our standards of
academic integrity extend to our commitment to our customers, publishers, and the academic community and our
strict anti-plagiarism policy is a major tenet of this commitment. We make every effort to admit only original,
high-quality, non-plagiarized papers to our library. Ultimately, however, it is up to you, the user of our
services, to use our papers in a manner that complies with the standards of your academic or professional

While we are aware that the majority of our customers use our papers in an ethically appropriate and responsible
manner, we are also aware of the temptation to submit our papers as your own work. Thus, we remind you that
papers downloaded from our site should be used only as a resource or source of inspiration for your own paper
and should be cited accordingly when referenced. They should not be handed in as your own work. Furthermore, we
remind you that AcaDemon is ardently opposed to the misuse of our papers and that the consequences of
plagiarism can be severe.

If you would like additional information about plagiarism, its definition, its consequences, and how it differs
from paraphrasing, we suggest you use the links provided below:

Thank you for your attention to this anti-plagiarism statement. We look forward to continuing to be your source
for outstanding academic material. We wish you all success in your academic and professional careers.