Affiliate Program

AcaDemon is a website that allows students to sell their term papers
online and earn money each time someone purchases those papers.

We also offer affiliates the opportunity to earn revenue by referring sellers and buyers to us.

Our program is FREE and easy to join:

  • Place our link or banner on your web site.
  • Visitors click on this link or banner and either buy or sell papers on AcaDemon.
  • You earn 20% of the sales and $ 5.00 for each seller that is referred to us from your
    site and publishes a paper on AcaDemon.

Affiliate Program for any Website:

  • Register with AcaDemon.
  • Your affiliate banners and links will be found on the refer-a-friend page
    in your user area.
  • Place them on your website.

All your royalties will be credited to your account.

Click here to join our affiliate program

If your Site has more than 50,000 Visitors per Month

AcaDemon has some exciting features, e.g XML, and an RSS feed, which let you add unique content to your
own existing web pages, as well as add thousands of unique new web pages to your OWN site. Search engines will
then crawl these pages, display them on the search engine results and, consequently, more traffic gets
directed to your site
. With greater traffic coming to your site, not only will you increase your
sales and commission, but you will also become more visible to Internet users.

And it doesn't matter what your target market is. Whether your site targets parents, pet lovers, gardeners or
small businesses, you will benefit greatly from the increase in traffic and visitors to your site.

Affiliate Program for WebSite that Targets the Student Market

In addition to the options mentioned above, we also offer an option designed for those sites that specifically
target the student market. With this option, AcaDemon creates a fully operative term paper store that
displays all of the same term papers currently for sale on the AcaDemon website, but which has the
look and feel of YOUR OWN website. This has the effect of encouraging buyers to return to your site to purchase
papers again and again.

The search box that you post on your home page will direct users to your co-brand store. Every
time someone buys a paper via your website, you will receive a fixed payment for that sale.

If you are interested in any of these attractive offers, please click here to contact
. Don't forget to provide your contact information, URL and number of visitors per month.

A detailed offer will be emailed to you as soon as our affiliation manager evaluates and approves your site.