About AcaDemon

The term 'Academy' comes to us from ancient Greece and refers to a philosophical institution founded by Plato in the grove of a Trojan War hero, Akademos. It was a place to disseminate and share knowledge. Plato presided over the Academy until his death, after which the Academy continued to flourish for another 900 years, never wavering in its dedication to the pursuit of intellectual thought and ideas.

AcaDemon is an 'academy' for a new age. AcaDemon takes its name from Plato's original forum for convening, sharing, and growing intellectually. Our users are diligent, passionate, and value the pursuit of intellectual thought and ideas. Our focus is on the most important, and at times, most difficult of intellectual pursuits — writing.

Everyone needs to write on occasion, whether for personal, academic, or professional reasons. It's not always easy, though. When you write, you need to have sufficient knowledge of your topic, as well as a proper understanding of grammar, punctuation, the rules of writing, and the creative thought process. This is where AcaDemon comes in. AcaDemon is a platform for sharing ideas, style, and knowledge. In this sense, AcaDemon embodies the spirit of the original Plato's Academy — it's about creating a conversation and truly sharing knowledge. When you use our papers as research material and as models for your own papers, you gather more information about your topic and learn about how to write quality papers.

A Growing Network

Back in 2002 when AcaDemon began, selling content and even uploading content was still a developing area. We had only an inkling of the demand out there for a service such as ours, and we had no idea just how much we would eventually be able to benefit both students and professionals. We started with zero papers in our database, but today we have hundreds of thousands of papers, tens of thousands of publishers, and we offer our services in dozens of countries and in five languages. And, we now have a more complex understanding of what our customers want and require.

AcaDemon has become the largest online academic research paper site, offering and publishing papers on just about any topic of interest… and we're still growing and developing. We will continue to expand our treasure trove of resource material and sample papers on which to model your own work.

Our Vision

Our vision is expansive. At AcaDemon, we want to become "The World's Academic Scholarly Journal". We want our 'academy' to be a place that anyone can come to for ideas, insight, information, examples, and intellectual stimulation. We've already expanded to other countries and languages, but we plan to continue that expansion into even more countries and languages so AcaDemon can become the global go-to site for academic and professional assistance and inspiration. Our goal is to help people share and expand their knowledge on any topic they desire.

Our Mission

AcaDemon's mission is to offer a platform where everyone can find, discover, and publish academic content. We want to be a place that not only disseminates and shares knowledge on hundreds of topics, but also helps you become a better writer by providing you with examples of superior research and writing. We also offer opportunities for writers who have had success with academic papers to publish on AcaDemon.

We see increasing evidence these days, especially since the advent of the Internet, of a global environment becoming an environment about "mindshare". We are part of that environment and we plan to grow along with it by being made available on any network and by becoming a part of a vast knowledge-sharing effort that also helps writers increase their income by publishing and sharing their work on our site. When you publish your papers on AcaDemon, you expose your work to AcaDemon's vast customer base, instantly increasing your earning power. It's a win-win relationship for AcaDemon customers and publishers… and we are fully committed to keeping it that way.

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Academic Resources Center Inc, P.O.Box 599, Bridgetown, Barbados. Phone: 1 (815) 550-1854 or by the Contact Us form.