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The Real Saving Private Ryan
This paper compares the film "Saving Private Ryan" to real events that took place during World War II.
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In this article, the writer introduces, discusses and analyzes the topic of film and reality. Specifically, the paper compares the film "Saving Private Ryan" to the real events that inspired the story. The writer notes that many people might not know that Stephen Spielberg's film "Saving Private Ryan" is based at least in part on a real occurrence during World War II. The writer points out that the actual man rescued was Sergeant Frederick "Fritz" Niland, a member of the 101st Airborne and one of four brothers fighting during World War II. The writer discusses that "Saving Private Ryan" is a consummate war film that graphically points out the horror and brutality that is war. The writer also notes that it is a loving tribute to family and how important family is to the fabric of America. In addition, the writer claims that it is a story of courage - courageous men who fight for what is right and the rights of others to keep the world free. The writer concludes that living to tell the story is a great gift, and perhaps the greatest gift Fritz Niland gave to the world after his story became public.

From the Paper:

"The premise for the story is pure fairy tale, and yet the graphic depictions of war make it one of the most historically accurate and difficult war films to view without wincing. It shows the senseless slaughter and destruction, and is not a film any viewer can soon forget. Therefore, while most of the situations and the characters are all fiction, there is much in the film that is real, frightening, and memorable. Spielberg knows how to tell a story masterfully, and he knew a good story when he found one. The real story of Fritz might not be the stuff of films, so Spielberg took real events and wove his own version of events around them to create something important and meaningful."

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