Stereotypes and Racism Narrative Essay by writingsensation

Stereotypes and Racism
A paper surveying stereotypes and their effects on society.
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This paper discusses the issue of stereotypes. It describes stereotypes as the exaggeration or over-generalization of certain trends. The paper explains that both the holder of the stereotype and the subject of the stereotype may be hurt by the stereotype. The author mentions that the use of stereotypes may hinder people from gaining actual knowledge about other societies. For example, the author describes the issues of personal distance in conversations in different communities, explaining that different societies have different rules regarding personal space and touching during regular communication.

From the Paper:

"Stereotypes are limited views of a group or type of people that is based on information that is not correct because it is oversimplified, incomplete, or distorted. No one is immune to the effects of stereotypes, and every person will inevitably experience the holding and receiving end of this harmful social phenomenon. Stereotypes may be based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical appearance, level of education, socioeconomic class, and many other factors. Stereotypes are a major contributing factor to the judgments each person will make about another person or group of people. In order to make the most accurate judgments in every situation, the presence of stereotypes must be addressed, discussed, and dispelled."

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