Soviet Union's Control of Eastern Europe Narrative Essay by Writing Specialists

Soviet Union's Control of Eastern Europe
This paper examines the Soviet Union's control of Eastern Europe during the years of 1945 to 1989.
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In this article, the writer explores several of the key factors that contributed to the era of the Soviet Union's control of Eastern Europe and discusses them. The writer points out that more than a decade ago, the Soviet Union made the decision to completely dismantle its government structure and begin rebuilding. The writer then describes how the world watched in awe as the initial steps began and for the past 10 years has watched the Soviet Union struggle as it tries to find its way in the unfamiliar world of democracy. The writer concludes that the Soviet Union realized that it could not maintain success nor could it properly care for its people if it maintained its communist regime. The writer looks at how it dismantled its structure and provided freedom to the nations that it occupied for so long and at the same time has been working toward a democratic way of life.

How the Soviet Union Maintained Control

From the Paper:

"The Soviet Union refused to allow any hope of independent political interests or parties. In addition, there was no criticism of the communist party allowed. To do so brought swift and severe punishment that could include prison or death.
Stalin also imposed his own ideals about economics. He created and designed a socialist economic model that the nations were expected to follow. All means of production and wealth were owned and controlled by the government. This meant that factories, farms, mines and any other method of making money was controlled by and owned by the government which was in turn ruled by the Soviet Union. This allowed the Soviet Union to maintain complete control over every aspect of those nations' economics."

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