Ruling the Savages Narrative Essay by Nicky

Ruling the Savages
A narrative of an English colonist who describes life in North America.
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This paper is written from the perspective of an English carpenter who intends to spread the light of his mother church of England to the poor savage Indians. The writer describes his perceptions of the Indians and of the land they are living on. The writer also explains why he believes the English have the right to enter the land that was rightfully inhabited and possessed by others.

From the Paper:

"Their towns were scarce and their houses rather primitive and the knowledge of us carpenters and masons was to be of great help to those who decided to settle among these Indians. On the other hand, their soil was rich and the plants and trees were plenty and in larger quantities than at home, in England. The beasts were more numerous, the plants and trees were higher in number and there were many I have never seen or eaten before. The climate was better than in England and it appeared to be more favorable to growing all kinds of crops that we were only able to here about at home, as they were brought in from lands like Italy and Spain or Greece.
"After we had found our way through all the islands along the coast, into the main land we encountered the natives who overcame their fears once they found out we were coming in peace and whom we won over with small gifts like knives, dolls, small mirrors and glass jewelry. They appeared to me like babies one is able make happy by the show of a simple colorful toy. They lack any iron or steel tools of weapons and yet they have wonderful skills in building up their boats which they sail then in their rivers full of fish.."

Sample of Sources Used:

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