Personality Strengths and Weaknesses Narrative Essay by ABCs

Personality Strengths and Weaknesses
An examination of the writer's personality strengths and weakness and how they can be used to further his educational career.
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This paper presents and discusses the writer's personality strengths and weaknesses shown by completing the multiple intelligence survey by Walter McKenzie. It then evaluates how the writer's existing strengths can be used for furthering his educational career. It also addresses how his weaknesses, specifically in the verbal and linguistic area, can be turned into strengths over time and through efforts to improve.

Table of Contents:
Strength Analysis
Weakness Analysis

From the Paper:

"Educators owe it to their students to work hard at transforming their weaknesses into strengths, and for me, the greatest challenge is transforming verbal and linguistic weakness into strength. What is invigorating is that change is always possible and that change can be rapid once one finds something to passionately change for. The opportunity to excel in education and assist students in getting to their goals and the chance to do work I chose not for the paycheck but for the passion of instructing others will make the effort required worth it. To pursue an education as a profession requires a balanced set of skills, and I am encouraged by the fact that every educator enters the profession with a different skill set. Each has their strengths and weaknesses, and many have been able to turn their weaknesses into strengths. I am confident I will be able to do the same with a consistent effort made daily to improve in verbal and linguistic skills."

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