Personal Understanding of Cultural Diversity Narrative Essay by SBurtis

Personal Understanding of Cultural Diversity
This paper addresses the author's personal understanding of cultural diversity.
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Published on Feb 08, 2015 in Ethics (General)

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"The United States is, perhaps, the most culturally diverse country in the world. After all, this country became the melting pot early on, with immigrants from across the globe striving to fulfill their dream of living in the "Land of Freedom and Opportunity." This trend and influx of immigrants continues into the present day as more and more people around the world aim for better lives and American citizenship. Of course, society tends to take a negative view of so much immigration and diversity, forgetting that history proves this trend is nothing new. It was not even a truly new trend at the time of the Industrial Revolution, when the pace of immigration seemed to increase substantially. The United Stats is a country founded on immigration and one that has always been, since the earliest of European settlers arrived, a melting pot of diverse cultures.
"If I have learned anything during this course that has helped me to better understand and relate to others, especially those of diverse background, it is that we all really are not so different. We all bleed the same color. We all have the same internal anatomical make-up. Each of us has friends and families, We each feel positive and negative emotions. And, all of us are striving to get by in life, make a better life for ourselves, and to do the best with what we have at any given time. The only things that truly separate us are differences in race, ethnicity, culture, and beliefs. Without stereotypes, prejudice, or discrimination, none of this should matter, and since most of us appreciate our own cultures, traditions, backgrounds, and beliefs, we should be able to appreciate this about other people as well.
"I cannot say that I have learned anything new about my own racial, ethnic, or cultural history. However, I can states an even stronger appreciation for my background. I appreciate having such a culturally diverse heritage, and I am saddened by a grandmother who adamantly denies certain aspects of that heritages, despite the fact that her denial has been disproved. This was nothing but feelings of shame on her part, and she really did not need to feel shame. Everyone should have pride in their background while also realizing that theirs is not the only background that exists or matters. All are equally important."

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