Build-to-Order Netbooks Marketing Plan by scribbler

Build-to-Order Netbooks
Presents a marketing plan for build-to-order netbooks to be sold by a start-up company, Compass Computing.
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This paper explains that the start-up company Compass Computing has created a uniquely and highly differentiated netbook that accesses continually the Internet, without requiring a WiFi hotspot, wires to a router or network adapter. Next, the author points out that these netbooks offer traditional laptop and PC manufacturers a high degree of differentiation from their standard product lines, many of which today compete on price and availability. This paper identifies the target market from which it establishes the marketing mix strategies as well as budgeting and appropriate monitoring. Included in the paper are several tables and color graphs and three appendixes.

Table of Contents:
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Company Description
Mission and Goals
Core Competencies
Situation Analysis
Target Market
The Marketing Mix
Product Strategy
Distribution Strategy
Promotion Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Customer Relationship Management
Budgeting and Monitoring
Summary and Conclusions

From the Paper:

"Compass Computing's core competencies center first on the ability to continually capitalize on the cost curve of Moore's Law and deliver exceptional computing value to customers globally. The second core competency is to becoming a leader in the production of EV-DO compatible netbooks that can be customized to the specific needs and preferences of customers. The third core competency is the ability to create netbooks that can serve as a cross-over from low-cost, low-power consumption convergence devices including smart phones on the one hand and low-end laptops on the other. All of these technology-based core competencies will ensure the product generations of the Libertad netbook stay competitive relative to rapidly advancing new product introductions and the increasing speed of product generations from competitors.
"They will need to be balanced however with the need for core competencies in managing product configuration as a process. The ability to take orders directly form the Compass Computing website, interpret them, build them through outsourcing partnerships with manufacturing outsource partners Solectron and others, will be crucial. The core competency of managing distribution networks, partner relationship management systems and processes, also managing pricing for resellers globally will all be critically important over time."

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