Truth in "Courage Under Fire" Film Review by Nicky

Truth in "Courage Under Fire"
A review of the film "Courage Under Fire", directed by E. Zwick.
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Published on Jun 11, 2012 in Film (Analysis, Criticism, Etc.)

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The writer offers an outline of the events in the film "Courage Under Fire" and how it is a story about truth, justice, forgiveness, lies, courage, and how people cope after experiencing traumatic events. The writer focuses on the characters' choice of whether to tell the truth or not, and posits that if he were in their situation, he would have chosen to tell the truth.

From the Paper:

"Courage Under Fire is the story of Nat Serling, a colonel who was involved in a friendly fire incident in the Gulf War. In command of a tank, he ordered to fire on what they thought was an enemy tank, which turned out to be one of their own. Heavily burdened by the thought that he was instrumental in the death of one of his own, he was helped by higher officials in the military. The death of the officer involved in the friendly fire was covered up. Meanwhile, Nat Serling was given the task to determine whether Captain Karen Walden was worthy to be given the Medal of Honor for valor in combat in the Gulf War, the first woman to possibly receive the award. As Nat Serling went on to investigate, he finds that Captain Walden's men - co-pilot Warrant Officer One Rady, medic Specialist Ilario, Staff Sergeant Monfriez, and Sergeant Altameyer gave different eyewitness accounts regarding the incident. This roused suspicion to Serling and upon further investigation, Serling got closer and closer to the truth. Monfriez, afraid of facing a court-martial the minute Serling finds out the truth, committed suicide as he intentionally drove his car to meet an oncoming train."

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