Tim Burton's Film Techniques Film Review by Metro

A look at Tim Burton's use of color and other film techniques.
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Published on Feb 06, 2012 in Film (Analysis, Criticism, Etc.) , Sociology (Media and Society)

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This paper examines the cinematographic techniques of Tim Burton, focusing on his use of color to express emotion in his films. First, the paper explores the importance of color in "Edward Scissorhands", further citing how color was used to represent society's expectations. Next, the paper discusses the Burton's film "Sleepy Hollow", showing how it was dominated by bleak, dull, dark and depressing sets of colors. Then, the review explores how Burton brought his very unique use of colours into his most recent film "Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street." According to the paper, Burton has used specific colors to express mood and emotion as in previous films. The paper goes on to discuss Burton's use of music and flashback scenes in these three films, and concludes by discussing how Burton's themes are emphasized by his cinematographic techniques.

From the Paper:

"In contrast to these plain pastel colors, Burton also uses dark black colors in the film also, as seen with Edward's appearance and with his home. When the audience is shown the mountain with Edward's home atop, it is dark and evil, because of the use of black colors. This could be interpreted as foreshadowing the society's original view of Edward. Because dark colors are being used by Burton, this is traditionally a symbol of evil, and in turn marks how the society first feels about Edward; that he is dark and evil and un-human. However, by the end of the film, it turns out that the society, represented by the colour, is evil, and Edward, represented by black, is good. Colour is used to hint this change at the end of the film, when Peg enters the gates of Edward's home. She goes into an unexpected garden, full of bright lifelike colours. There are green bushes which have been trimmed into animals and other objects."

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