Sunset Boulevard Film Review by pinkcheek

Sunset Boulevard
A review of the film "Sunset Boulevard" by Billy Wilder.
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Published on Mar 24, 2008 in Film (Analysis, Criticism, Etc.)

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This paper examines Billy Wilder's classic film "Sunset Boulevard", which provides a fascinating insight into the early Hollywood film industry. The paper explains that the movie explores the gritty insides of a system that is based on the advanced capitalist model of assembly line production for mass consumption. The paper also discusses that, behind the bright lights and the glamour, there are human lives that are at stake - human lives that the capitalist machinery consumes and destroys. The paper looks at how "Sunset Boulevard" shows how this process takes its toll on the main character, a has-been silent movie actress named Norma Desmond. In conclusion, the paper shows that ultimately, "Sunset Boulevard" demonstrates the ways in which the Hollywood star system uses and discards its "heroes of consumption"; those who become integrated into the star system are tossed aside once their image is no longer considered attractive.

From the Paper:

"This introduction sets up the morbid scene that Norma dwells in. With her pet monkey gone, she is now all alone in her decaying mansion, save for her servant Max, who is strangely devoted to the aging starlet, going so far as to foster her delusions about herself. While Norma has been discarded by the industry that made her star and all but forgotten by her fans, Max, it is later revealed, drops autograph requests in the mail to her on a daily basis from fake fans in order to give Norma the illusion that she is still revered.It is not long before an unsteady relationship develops between Norma and Joe. It is a relationship that is based on need, as both characters are desperate. Joe is in need of just the simple things in life. As a failed screenwriter, he is unable to pay his bills, and no one in Hollywood even cares about him enough to lend him money to get through the tough times. Norma, on the other hand, has plenty of money."

Sample of Sources Used:

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