"Seminar": A Dramatic Review Film Review

"Seminar": A Dramatic Review
A review of the play "Seminar", written by Theresa Rebeck and directed by Amy Glazer.
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Published on Jun 17, 2014 in Drama and Theater (American) , Drama and Theater (General) , Art (General)

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"Seminar, written by Theresa Rebeck and directed by Amy Glazer, the second of Rebeck's plays to be performed at the San Francisco Playhouse, deploys comedic banter with satirical undertones in an attempt to examine the lives of artists and their art. Glazer's production of Seminar captured all of the feelings present in the lives of artists, in positive and negative happenings, the fears and praises, never settling for quite contemplation, but presenting its self uproariously; a melting pot of foul language and benevolence, geared directly towards those that put their heart out into the world to be commended or crushed, leaving one with feelings of sympathy for the man behind the novel.
"Set in an upscale apartment in New York, four young writers begin a class instructed by a boastfully successful writer whom has been paid handsomely to critique and coach the hopefuls. The instructor is rude and condescending in manor, while each writer's personality is established, we discover their insecurities and motives, as their work is emotionlessly critiqued. The four writers are made up of awell connected grad studentwith a habit for arrogance, an awkward, yet talented gentlemen that appears too cautious, an unapologetically, promiscuous beauty willing to do anything to get ahead, and a advantaged feminist type that's determined to be heard.
"Throughout the upcoming ten weeks, for which each week a class takes place, each of the four writers presents a piece for criticism and each is given more negative, yet truthful, feedback than they can handle, except one. The awkward and fearful gentlemen is praised highly by the hard to please novelist, but is unable to hear such positive review from the man that had put so much friction between the group. After presenting accusations of plagiarism to his predecessor, the instructor turns and spews the truth of his sad life story, while presenting the negative toll it has taken; telling the story of the happenings in the life of a famous writer, broken dreams and dwindling options, it is now apparent to the young writers, both the reason for his disagreeable nature and the possible outcome of their desired career path in fiction. A true and raw realization for the writers, as well as the audience, as the antagonist's story is revealed."

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