Racial Superiority in "American Racism X" Film Review by Jay Writtings LLC

Racial Superiority in "American Racism X"
A sociological analysis of the film "American Racism X", directed by Tony Kaye.
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The paper outlines the storyline of the film "American Racism X", and highlights how the structure of the conflict and story revolve around the ideas of racial superiority and inferiority. The paper also explains the relevance of the scapegoat theory to this film. The paper is of the opinion that this film makes a superb effort to depict the horrors of racism and the far-reaching effects that it has on both the black and white communities involved.

From the Paper:

"Despite the vast differences between the various countries of the world, virtually every nation experiences a common issue: racism. The term racism is defined by John J. Macionis in Society: the Basics as "the belief that one racial category is innately superior or inferior to another," (306). By Macionis' definition, race is also a socially constructed concept that does not exist beyond the parameters of the Human mind. However, as long as there exists more than one "race," so to speak, the idea of one racial category being superior to another will always exist, as well as the study of how those races interact and affect one another. In the movie American History X, directed by Tony Kaye, this concept is demonstrated beautifully as he fully explores the interaction of races within contemporary American society and the ongoing idea of tension amongst the races."

Sample of Sources Used:

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