Not Enough Depth in "Tomorrow, When the War Began" Film Review by TemiA

Not Enough Depth in "Tomorrow, When the War Began"
A critical review of John Marsden's film "Tomorrow, When the War Began".
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Published on May 30, 2014 in Film (General)

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In this paper, the writer briefly summarizes and then reviews John Marsden's film "Tomorrow, When the War Began", the movie adaptation of John Marsden's popular "Tomorrow" book series. The writer concludes that the film's lazy writing and mild underlying racism leaves the audience uninspired and un-amused.

From the Paper:

"Though Australian cinema tends to try to distinguish itself, Tomorrow closely follows in the footsteps of countless big-budget Hollywood teen action films. From the moody cinematography to the pop soundtrack, it has Hollywood summer blockbuster written all over it. This extended into the script as well. Rather than spending time with character development, the film relied on cliche, and in a particular case, racist, archetypes. The protagonists include Ellie, the film's narrator; Corrie, Ellie's book worm best friend; Kevin, Corrie's cowardly jock boyfriend; Homer, the Greek bad boy; Fiona, the prissy, rich townie; Robyn, the church girl; Chris, the stoner; and Lee, the Chinese kid. Lee's characterization relied very heavily on racial stereotypes and reflected the film's greater tendency towards xenophobia. His family owns a Chinese food restaurant where Lee works all the time. He is an apparent piano prodigy and has ninja like reflexes. Also, although he is the narrator's love interest, he rarely speaks, and when he does, it is typically philosophical monologues akin to Confucius sayings. This characterization is indicative of the film's general antagonism towards Asiatic people. The unnamed invaders were from an Asia nation, which reflects a xenophobia similar to America towards Russia through the Cold War."

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