Living in the Third World Countries in the Film "Proof of Life" Film Review by Nicky

A look at legal issues as represented in the film "Proof of Life."
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This paper discusses legal issues surrounding contracts as they are represented in the film "Proof of Life." First, the paper gives a brief plot summary, describing how one of the characters in the film was kidnapped and how a ransom must be collected. Then, the paper shows how the agreed upon price of the ransom was type of contract. Next, the paper underscores various legal doctrines that show the conditions for a contract, such as lack of extortion. Essentially, the paper uses the plot and various aspects of this film as a springboard for addressing aspects of hostage negotiation from a legal perspective.

From the Paper:

"In the movie "Proof of Life", Peter Bowman and his wife, Alice spent several years living in third world countries. Peter, who was an engineer, was building a dam in the country of Tecala in South America. Peter was kidnapped off of a busy street by a group of guerillas in broad daylight. Panic stricken, Alice immediately turns to Peter's corporation (Quad-Carbon) to help. They send in Terry Thorne, an ex-soldier turned kidnap & ransom negotiator for a global firm (Luthan Risk Corporation). They collect a commission for rescuing hostages. Terry only just gets started working on the case when he is pulled. It turns out that Peter's company was trying to cut costs so they cut the hostage insurance. Quad-Com is also in the process of selling off some of their assets to Octanol. They are purchasing the pipeline but not the entire company of Quad-Com. With no way to pay Terry's high fee, Alice must figure out what to do on her own. Terry, who is burned out and disillusioned just wants a well-deserved break, but he cannot leave Alice to fight for her husband on her own..."

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