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Leadership in a Movie: The Case of Patton
This paper assesses the film "Patton", by Frank Schaffner, through the portrayal of General George S. Patton.
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Published on Jun 25, 2008 in Film (History of) , History (U.S. World Wars)

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The essay examines the 1970 film, "Patton", and illustrates the sort of leadership that director Frank Schaffner (and lead actor George C. Scott) feels typified the command of World War II American Army General, George S. Patton. Specifically, the paper looks at how Patton led through a combination of technical ingenuity, mastery and sheer force of will. Specifically, the paper demonstrates that Schaffner sincerely wants to portray Patton in a well-rounded fashion and shows how brilliance can be complicated by poor people skills and by a grasping nature.

From the Paper:

"Still, even as he acknowledges Patton's strengths as a military commander, Schaffner never fails when the opportunity is available to show the down-side of Patton's leadership style. For instance, his intemperate outbursts to the press ruffle enough feathers among the high command that Patton must promise, at one point, to keep his big mouth zippered. Similarly, his poor people skills cause considerable tension between himself and other senior commanders - and may partly explain why Patton was placed on probation for the previously-discussed slapping incident (Patton). All told, the film is an enthralling look at a gifted man who, not unlike Douglas MacArthur, simply could not get along very well with other human beings and simply could not, though he was far from perfect himself, tolerate perceived shortcomings in others."

Sample of Sources Used:

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