How American Movies Portray American Leaders Film Review

How American Movies Portray American Leaders
An analysis of how American movies depict American leadership through the last seven decades.
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Published on Aug 06, 2014 in Film (Documentary) , History (General) , Film (General)

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"Leadership in America has been plagued by scandal according to these films. The most recognized scandal is the Watergate scandal. Two of the films, Nixon and All The President's Men, include the Watergate scandal in their respective plots. Five burglars arrested for breaking into the Watergate complex. The men were affiliated with Richard Nixon's committee to re-elect the president and thousands of dollars in diverted campaign contributions. The stolen funds were sent to John N. Mitchell and H.R. Haldeman. In order to combat Edmund Muskie's lead in the polls, the funds were used to create a sabotage campaign. Scandal is also portrayed through the film, Primary Colors. Jack Stanton is forced to cover his tracks during his contention for presidency. Blackmail, pregnancy and threats are all part of the scandals revealed through the film. Citizen Kane involves scandal as well. The American leader, Charles Forester Kane, has an affair and misuses his power.
"In addition to scandal, films released in the last seven decades portrayed American leadership in a greedy fashion. The American figure revealed as a leader in each movie experienced instances of greed. Nixon displayed greed when running for his second session as president. In order to secure the office he took money. In addition to being greedy with money, Nixon exhibited greed by not being satisfied with winning one presidency. His greed was exemplified by pursuing his second term relentlessly as if it was necessary. Citizen Kane also displayed greed. He inherited a trust fund, took over one of the most prestigious newspaper companies, and attempted to run for political office. His career turned into a persistent pursuit for power."

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