George Stevens Jr.'s "Separate but Equal" Film Review by The Research Group

George Stevens Jr.'s "Separate but Equal"
A discussion of the television docudrama, "Separate but Equal", by George Stevens Jr.
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This paper discusses the 1991 television docudrama,"Separate but Equal", that details the story of "Brown v. Board of Education", the 1954 landmark Supreme Court ruling to desegregate public schools. The paper discusses the lessons that can be learned from this movie and posits that it is an important and noteworthy film that should be shown in all schools, at all levels.

From the Paper:

"The separate-but-equal policy stated that blacks and whites would receive the same services -in schools, hospitals, public bathrooms and other facilities. But all the facilities proved to be unequal, with African Americans receiving much poorer facilities. The movie centers on the true story of the NAACP challenge of racial school segregation in Brown vs. Board of Education. As the movie reveals, the legal battle was the first major victory of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s.
"The first part of the movie takes place in the segregated school system of Claredon County, South Carolina when a local reverend and school principal, fed up with the small amount of funding black schools are receiving compared with white schools, convince a family to bring a legal case before the local school board. The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) decide to get involved in the case, and bring it -and three others - to the United States Supreme Court. The NAACP team is headed by Thurgood Marshall (very well acted by Sidney Poitier), who later would become the first African American Supreme Court justice. Marshall realizes that if school segregation is struck down, it would be the first step toward eliminating legal racial segregation in the U.S."

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