Frida Kahlo in the Movie "Frida" Film Review

Frida Kahlo in the Movie "Frida"
A review of the film, "Frida", directed by Julie Taymor.
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The paper discusses how the movie "Frida" depicts the life, struggles and passion of Frida Kahlo, an iconoclastic Mexican painter. The paper analyzes the character of Frida and highlights how although she faced extreme physical, emotional, psychological and social difficulties in her life, she chose to live by her own rules. The paper also discusses how the challenges she faced are evident in her art that became a medium for her to release her frustration.

Life of Frida

From the Paper:

"The movie shows two diagrammatically opposite Fridas in the first and second half. In the first half, Frida is an optimistic, easy going, exploring and frivolous young girl until she meets a crippling bus accident. A conflicting serious, struggling fragile Frida is seen in the second part during which she desperately tries to save her marriage keeping up with her philanderer husband, Diego Rivera.
"Frida, as a child to a traditional Amerindian Spanish mother and Hungarian Jewish father, is shown as a strong teenager with her own independent opinion about sex, politics and art. The movie dramatically changes its demeanor after young Frida's bus accident that breaks her spine, collarbone, pelvis and ribs. As described in the book by Hayden, "So great were her parents' shock and grief that neither visited her in hospital for over a week" (DiGiovanni et. al 16). Teenager Frida waits for a magic lying on her bed wrapped in her full body cast and watching her father struggle with his finances for her treatments. Meanwhile, knowing Frida's condition, her boyfriend leaves for Europe. Unable to move out of her bed and cast and bored of her loneliness, Frida begins to paint."

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