Chronicles of the Story of Stephen Glass in the Film "Shattered Glass" Film Review by Nicky

Review of the film "Shattered Glass" directed by Billy Ray.
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Published on Mar 05, 2012 in Communication (Journalism) , Film (Analysis, Criticism, Etc.)

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This paper analyzes and reviews Billy Ray's 2003 film entitled "Shattered Glass", which tells the true story about the downfall of Stephen Glass, a reporter at "The New Republic." According to the paper, the film tells of how some minor holes in Glass's work led to a trail of lies and deception. The review focuses not only on Glass's ethical decisions, but also those of other characters in the film. It further compares Glass's story to that of a Greek tragedy. The paper also questions Glass's morality or if he was just an immature young person seeking fame and recognition. The paper concludes by examining who was most at fault in this scandal, particularly noting the role of "The New Republic."

From the Paper:

"At the very heart of the film is the idea that print journalism should somehow be sacristan - with ideals higher than the rest of media, certainly the pressures to produce, the insane hours, and the lack of reliable sources immaterial to editors and publishers. The story we view is not so much a biopic of Stephen Glass, or the way he is unable - or perhaps too immature - to own up to his mistakes, but a Greek Tragedy about the infallibility of humans and the ethical choices one makes on a minute by minute basis simply to survive. Glass is not the only character making ethical choices, nor is he the only reporter at fault. For modern audiences, the Greek Chorus is the office, the protagonists the few members of the press and editing board that participate in this tragedy. We've all been out at recess, so we are all aware of the archetype of the "least popular kid in school taking on the most popular kid," which is the juxtaposition of the new editor and the star reporter in the film (Bowen)."

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