"An Inconvenient Truth" - A Film Analysis Film Review by Nicky

Analysis of Al Gore's documentary film "An Inconvenient Truth."
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Published on Jan 29, 2012 in Film (Analysis, Criticism, Etc.) , Hot Topics (Global Warming)

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This paper reviews and critiques Al Gores documentary film "An Inconvenient Truth" which is about the current environmental crisis. According to the paper, the film was produced to educate the public about global warming and to spur us into action. The review further notes that Gore reviews the scientific evidence, or at least emphasizes that which agrees with his opinion of global warming and its potential catastrophic results, while also including comments from those who are skeptical of the seriousness of its environmental impact. Gore also presents the dire consequences he feels Earth faces if we do not reduce the human-produced carbon gases that are poisoning the atmosphere. In particular, the paper highlights the gaps in Gore's outlook. The reviewer concludes that the evidence about climate change is compelling but requires careful and rational examination.



From the Paper:

"Gore's arguments for taking action on climate change, while compelling and dramatic, do not include "the other side of the story." For instance, while the film decries the foulness of fossil fuels and the carbon they produce, Gore doesn't acknowledge the absolutely indispensible role of those same fuels in alleviating hunger and poverty, extending human life, offering humanity consumer goods, literacy, leisure and mobility. While he blames the U.S. for its enormous role in CO2 emissions, he gives no thought or comment to the facts that the reasons are we are the world's biggest economy, own huge fossil energy resources, transport products across continental distances, and are the world's most mobile population (Lewis 1,3).
As to his scientific evidence, there is equal opposite science, and from one of the studies he presents in his film--Lonnie Thompson's ice core samples. Gore claims the Medieval Warm Period was tiny compared to the warming in recent decades. Not true. Four of Thompson's six ice cores indicate the Medieval Period was as warm as or warmer than any recent decade ..."

Sample of Sources Used:

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