Advertising in "What Women Want" Film Review by scribbler

Advertising in "What Women Want"
A discussion on the impact of the product placement in the movie "What Women Want", directed by Nancy Meyers.
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Published on Jan 24, 2013 in Film (Analysis, Criticism, Etc.) , Advertising (General)

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The paper outlines the main storyline of the movie "What Women Want" and highlights how essentially, the entire movie is a long commercial with short bursts of storyline showing through. The paper discusses how there can be good product placement in a movie, where the labels are not so noticeable and their subtlety fade into the background of a movie or TV show, and there is bad product placement, which it is so blatant it cannot be ignored. The paper argues that in this movie, the viewer might actually be so inundated with the product placement that they begin to lose sight of the storyline.

From the Paper:

"As consumers become more and more savvy to advertisement techniques, advertisement companies attempt to look for new mediums to share their product with consumers. On a daily basis, consumers are inundated with advertisement. From billboards, to magazine ads, newspapers, even in email in boxes, consumers are bombarded with images of what they should purchase or something new and exciting that they need to! Advertisement has even taken a new shape in the form of people dancing on the street holding a sign advertising a business or service. It has gotten so intense that it is often difficult for people to find reprieve from the frenzy of advertisement. Yet, there used to be once place where a person could go and escape the insanity of advertisement and simply be entertained; to the movies. Other than the initial advertisement that was anticipated at the beginning of the movie, usually just advertising upcoming movies, one could go and get intertwined in a story that existed simply for entertainment.
"But those simple days no longer exist as exemplified in the movie What Women Want. Product placement in movies is a relatively new phenomenon, and in fact, in some movies it is appropriate to the storyline. But it seems as though in this movie, product placement took precedent over storyline, and the story was just thrown around the all important product placement. Product placement itself is taking a product from a company and using it in a "real world" situation, thus offering suggested uses of the product and giving the product an element of prestige by being used in such a high profile situation."

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