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X-Series Rocket Planes
History & development since 1944. Looks goals, military uses, types, designers, technology, performance and testing.
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"Rocket Planes: The X.Series
This century has seen dramatic advances in aviation. The airplane has evolved in a continuous progression towards designs that fly higher, farther, and faster. At the close of World War II, aeronautical engineers had yet to build planes capable of exceeding the speed of sound. The technological innovations employed in the X.series rocket planes, however, not only conquered sound barrier, but achieved a great deal as well.

During World War II, combat pilots making power dives found that their planes began buffeting and their controls began to freeze up as they approached the speed of sound (Josephy, Jr. 383). This problem arose because of the compressibility of air. When a plane flies at that speed (approximately 760 miles per hour at sea level or Mach 1.0), the air particles ahead do not.."

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