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Western Religion
Examines how the philosophies of Karl Marx, Immanuel Kant and G. Hegel impacted religious thought in the Western world.
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There are several authors who contribute to Western religious thoughts and traditions within areas such as theology, politics, law and philosophy This paper discusses philosophy in relation with western religious thought, which has been classified into four basic models. These models are secular humanism, Marxist/Leninism, cosmic humanism and biblical Christianity. The focus of this paper the contributions made by philosophers Immanuel Kang, G. Hegel and Karl Marx

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"Hegel applied his dialectical logic to not only philosophy but also science and history where he regarded mind not matter as the only reality. However, Hegel had broken the chain of metaphysical idealism that depicted much feudal thought structure. Prior to Hegel's contribution, the world of metaphysical idealism depicted things in distinction and isolation from each other. Furthermore this concept denied contradictory nature and interconnections, and instead emphasized the fixed nature of the world. This viewpoint belonged well with the fixed and unchanging feudal hierarchy. Hegel, on the other hand, was pretty much influenced by the French Revolution where he saw contradictions and change in everything. This gave shape to his theory of idealism."

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