Welfare vs. The Welfare State in Canada Essay by gkneeus

Welfare vs. The Welfare State in Canada
This paper covers the development and current state of the welfare system in Canada.
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Using Ben Carniol's "Case Critical: Challenging Social Services in Canada", as well as Larry Jonston's "Politics: An Introduction to the Modern Democratic State," this paper discusses the welfare state in Canada, the development of it and its shrinkage within the past one hundred year. The author shows evidence that the modern welfare state is shrinking in today's society because of the advancement of right wing politics and the decline of Keynesianism as a solution to the problems of the people of Canada.

From the Paper:

"It is important to remember that Canada did not invent the welfare state, it was merely adopted during the development of the country. It was the adoption of these welfare state ideals, that has lead Canada to develop things such as free public Health Care, Employment Insurance, public education and welfare itself. Ben Carniol (2000) explains the welfare states creation in the terms of industrial England where it first surfaced in the modern form. The creation of a welfare state began when the capitalistic owners of large factories in England were beginning to become disgruntled by the constant visitation of representatives from the numerous charitable organizations that had formed in the country to help the poor and underprivileged survive in the new society that saw the factory owners compete for profits at the expense of the men who worked for them under sometimes extremely harsh conditions. It was agreed upon that some sort of central organization for the collection of charity from the owners would be necessary to ensure that the money was going to charity and not people who had begun cheating the system in order to make money for themselves."

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